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Unlawful evictions

Sometimes when you are privately renting a property, situations such as illegal eviction or harassment may occur. The council may be able to help you deal with these situations.

Middlesbrough Council offers free advice to private tenants who have problems with their tenancies. If your rented house is in poor condition and your landlord is refusing to carry out repairs, we can offer help and give advice to improve the situation.

Any allegations of harassment and illegal eviction will be investigated fully. The council takes very seriously acts of such nature and will endeavour to protect tenants from unacceptable harassment and unlawful eviction. If on investigation the council believes an offence has been committed, enough evidence can be obtained, and a prosecution is in the public interest, legal proceedings may follow.

Sometimes the alleged incident is the result of a breakdown in communication or misunderstanding, and such matters should be dealt with using negotiation and conciliation.

The council has an agreement with Thirteen to provide housing advice to people experiencing problems with their landlord and/or tenancy in their present homes, and will offer assistance to help resolve such problems.

If you're having trouble with your landlord and would like further advice about how to deal with harassment and unlawful eviction, please contact Thirteen on 08000 461600 or Middlesbrough Council on 01642 726001.