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Hiring someone to collect your rubbish

You can hire a company to take your waste away, but it's important that you choose the right company.

Companies which remove people's waste (waste carriers) must have a licence. Unlicensed companies often dump the waste in alleyways or on public land instead of getting rid of it the proper way. This is called fly tipping, and it's illegal.

Hiring a reputable waste carrier


If you want to hire someone to take away your waste:

  1. Search for a waste disposal company. Ask your family and friends for recommendations if you can. Remember that anyone can put adverts online or in the paper - it does not mean they are a legitimate business. If someone comes to your door and offers to get rid of your waste, say no.
  2. Once you've found a company, search online for registered waste carriers to make sure they have a licence. If the company you want to use isn't listed, choose another one.
  3. Check the company's reviews, for example, on Google, Facebook, or review websites.
  4. Get quotes from a few different (licensed) companies and compare them. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Once you've chosen a company, speak to them. If something doesn't feel right, ask questions. Find out where your waste will be taken, and watch out for vague answers. If you're still not sure, choose another company.
  6. If you're happy to hire the company, keep records of your conversations with them. This includes emails, texts, Facebook messages, etc. If you speak to them on the phone, write down who you spoke to, when, and what was agreed.
  7. When they come to collect your waste, ask to see their waste carrier certificate. Try to take a description of their vehicle and the registration number.
  8. Ask for a receipt or invoice, and try to avoid paying in cash.

If your waste ends up illegally dumped


When we clear up dumped (fly tipped) waste, we also investigate where it came from. If we find waste belonging to you, we'll visit your house and ask you to tell us who took your waste away.

This is why it's so important to keep evidence of your conversations with the waste company. Firstly, they can prove that you didn't dump the waste there yourself. Secondly, they can help us bring fly tippers to justice.

You're responsible for making sure that a legitimate company takes your waste. If your waste is dumped illegally, you may end up with a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine) of up to £200.