There are delays to bin collections in a number of areas. We're working this weekend to catch up. What to do if your bin was missed

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Final green bin collection

We've now started taking away existing green bins.

If your street is not listed on this page, we've already collected the green bins from your area.

We'll also put a leaflet through your door which gives the day we'll take away your bin. It may not be on your normal garden waste collection day.

We'll empty your bin one last time before we take it away, so if you have any garden waste to get rid of, please make sure it's in your bin.

If you want to keep your existing bin for composting, you can. When you leave your bin out to be emptied, please leave a note on the bin lid saying 'keep', and we'll return it to you after it's been emptied.

20 May to 24 May

Monday - Ayresome (part), Linthorpe (part)


Addison Road
Aidan Court
Arncliffe Road
Ayresome Grange Road
Ayresome Green Lane
Ayresome Park Road (odd numbers 1 to 45)
Ayresome Street (even numbers 104 to 148)
Bede Court
Bell Street
Bishop Street
Camsell Court
Clive Road (odd numbers 63 to 85)
Clough Close
Connaught Road
Corder Road
Dunlane Close
Dunstable Road
Maddren Way
Newport Road (even numbers 392 to 444)
St Barnabas Road (odd numbers 73 to 115)
Stockton Road (numbers 68 to 102)
The Holgate
The Midfield
The Turnstile
West Lane (odd numbers 1 to 73)

Tuesday - Longlands and Beechwood (part)


Ashfield Avenue
Balmoral Drive
Barmby Court
Belle Vue Grove
Belvedere Road
Bilsdale Road
Birchwood Avenue
Blenheim Road South
Boynton Road
Bridgewater Court
Brinewells Green
Bristow Road
Colliers Green
Court Road
Deepdale Avenue (even numbers 40 to 52, odd numbers 43 to 63)
Deva Close
Douglas Street
Farndale Crescent
Farndale Road
Glamis Grove
Griffin Road
Highfield Road
Holyrood Lane
Huron Close
Hutton Road
Ingleby Road
Keith Road (even numbers 2 to 24, odd numbers 1 to 117)
Lanberry Green
Lanrood Green
Lansdowne Road
Lanshaw Green
Manitoba Gardens
Mannion Way
Marton Burn Road (odd numbers 1 to 69)
Marton Road (even numbers 260 to 442, odd numbers 213 to 367)
Montreal Place
Nut Lane
Ottawa Road
Quebec Grove
Raines Court
Regent Road
Roseberry Road
Saltwater Court
Saltwells Crescent
Saltwells Road (odd numbers 69 to 147)
Simon Hunter Way
Stanhope Gardens
Sunley Avenue
The Ridings
Toronto Crescent
Transporter Way
Trenholme Road
Vancouver Gardens
Welburn Avenue
Yukon Gardens

Wednesday - Ayresome (part)


Alton Road
Arbury Way
Ashbrooke Way
Ashling Way
Barnaby Avenue
Beadon Grove
Belsay Close
Bernie Taylor Square
Bethune Road
Brickton Road
Bruce Avenue
Central Avenue
Claydon Avenue
Crathorne Crescent
Dawson Square
Derby Avenue
Duxford Road
East Crescent
East Row
Greenland Avenue
Henwood Close
Hinton Avenue
Hylton Road
Kingsbridge Crescent
Kirby Avenue
Liverton Avenue
Lydbrook Road
Maldon Road
Manfield Avenue
Mattison Avenue
Meadowview Road
Merton Road
Middleton Avenue
Nesham Avenue
Newbury Avenue
Northern Road
Picton Avenue
Queensbury Grove
Rousham Gardens
School Avenue
Scotney Court
Sherbourne Walk
Springfield Road
Springvale Terrace
St Francis Close
Stainsby Road
Stratford Crescent
Sydney Close
Syon Court
Thomson Avenue
Weatherhead Avenue
West Crescent
West Lane (even numbers 108 to 168, odd numbers 127 to 155)
Whinney Banks Road
Woodland Green

Thursday - Nunthorpe (part)


Allerton Park
Bedford Road
Botany Way
Bowland Close
Brass Wynd
Castle Wynd
Chandlers Ridge
Clarence Road
Connaught Road
Cornwall Close
Darnbrook Way
Dixons Bank (Shirley Hurst House)
Edinburgh Close
Egton Avenue
Glendue Close
Gloucester Close
Green Close
Green Way
Guisborough Road
Harter Close
Kent Close
Lamonby Close
Leckfell Close
Levington Wynd
Marton Moor Road
Mickleby Close
Moor Park
Nunthorpe Gardens
Ralfland Way
Rookwood Road
Skiddaw Court
Tatham Close
The Avenue (even numbers 2 to 88, odd numbers 1 to 105)
The Endeavour
The Resolution
Tirril Way
Torver Mount
Warcop Close
Westwood Avenue
Whinfell Close

Friday - Berwick Hills and Pallister (part)


Ackworth Green
Addington Drive
Alston Green
Amberley Green
Amroth Green
Appleby Avenue
Arnside Avenue
Arundel Green
Basildon Green
Bellamy Court
Bordesley Green
Bruntons Manor Court
Cargo Fleet Lane (Corpus Christie School House, odd numbers 233 to 235)
Chalcot Walk
Chapman Court
Charlbury Road
Cheam Avenue
Cheriton Green
Chertsey Avenue
Cotswold Avenue
Cottingham Drive
Courtney Walk
Cranmore Road
Cumnor Walk
Darras Walk
Delarden Road
Denham Green
Desford Green
Edridge Green
Ellesmere Walk
Eltisley Green
Elvington Green
Epworth Green
Firsby Walk
Fransham Road
Frimley Avenue
Garsdale Green
Gatwick Green
Gribdale Road
Hadlow Walk
Harpenden Walk
Harsley Walk
Hershall Drive
Homerton Road
Hoskins Way
Kelbrook Walk
Kelfield Avenue
Kimberley Drive
Linmoor Avenue
Longcroft Walk
Malling Walk
Newick Avenue
Northdale Court
Oban Road
Ormesby Road
Parklands Close
Parkway Grove
Pennard Green
Premier Road
Roslyn Avenue
Ruth Avenue
Siddington Walk
Sulby Avenue
Tansley Avenue
Tranmere Avenue
Whisperdale Court

27 May to 31 May

Monday - bank holiday, no collections


There are no collections on Monday 27 May due to the bank holiday.

Tuesday - Acklam (part), Linthorpe (part), Park (part)


Adcott Road
Ambleside Grove
Bayberry Mews
Bewley Grove
Borrowdale Grove
Briarvale Avenue
Britain Avenue
Buttermere Avenue
Cambridge Road
Church Drive
Church Lane
Claude Avenue
Cleveland Avenue
Coniston Grove
Cowley Road
Derwentwater Avenue
Edinburgh Avenue
Embleton Avenue
Ennerdale Avenue
Fane Grove
Florida Gardens
Grasmere Avenue
Green Lane
Greenwood Avenue
Hall Drive (even numbers 2 to 102, odd numbers 101 to 107)
Hardwick Avenue
Hatfield Avenue
Heather Drive
Hustlers Way
Kingston Avenue
Oldford Crescent
Patterdale Avenue
Ridley Avenue
Roman Road (even numbers 56 to 80, odd numbers 71 to 123)
Roman Terrace
Rydal Avenue
Sanctuary Close
St Margarets Grove
St Mary’s Walk
Stanhope Grove
Thackeray Grove
The Prospect
Thirlmere Avenue
Ullswater Avenue
Walton Avenue

Wednesday - Ayresome (part), Kader (part)


Acklam Road (even numbers 6 to 278, odd numbers 85 to 235)
Ashford Avenue
Asterley Drive
Chalford Oaks
Collinson Avenue
Corby Avenue
Cranford Gardens
Croft Avenue
Downside Road
Endsleigh Drive
Fakenham Avenue
Farley Drive
Guthrie Avenue
Hadnall Close
Heythrop Drive
Levick Crescent
Lexden Avenue
Mandale Road
Manton Avenue
Minsterley Drive
Pannell Avenue
Preen Drive
Price Avenue
Priory Road
Stainsby Road
Stoneleigh Avenue
Stoneyhurst Avenue
Woodhay Avenue

Thursday - Ladgate (part), Marton East (part)


Adstock Avenue
Albourne Green
Aldergrove Drive
Astonbury Green
Bexley Close
Bollington Road
Brettenham Avenue
Broadwell Road
Broughton Avenue
Calder Grove
Caversham Road
Charnley Green
Chippenham Road
Coleby Avenue
Darnall Green
Darnton Drive
Dawlish Green
Deighton Road
Dipton Green
Dunbar Avenue
Dunsop Avenue
Easterside Road
Eccleston Walk
Elland Avenue
Epsom Avenue
Erith Grove
Escombe Avenue
Forfar Avenue
Fremington Walk
Gilkes Walk
Grantham Green
Gretton Avenue
Hesketh Avenue
Hoskins Lane
Islington Walk
Kesteven Road
Ladgate Lane (Avondale, Darnholme, Malvern)
Laindon Avenue
Marton Road (odd numbers 535 to 659)
Morpeth Avenue
Oswestry Green
Oval View
Pease Gardens
Pensby Avenue
Saltersgill Avenue
Scholars Rise
Southwick Avenue
Turnbull Way
Wilson Place

Friday - no collections


There are no collections planned for Friday 31 May.