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Special Education Needs

Home to school transport

As a parent, you're responsible for getting your child to school and back. However, in some cases, the council can provide support for your child's travel between home and school.


Your child may qualify for free home to school transport if they:

  • live too far away from their nearest school to walk (pupils of primary age who live more 2 miles from their nearest school, or pupils of secondary age who live more 3 miles from their nearest school)
  • can't walk to school because there is no suitable walking route
  • can't walk to school because of a special need, disability, or mobility problem
  • are from a low income family (where the pupil is entitled to Free School Meals or parent/s receive the maximum level of Working Tax Credit), where a preference has been expressed to attend a school other than the nearest available school, and that school is over 2 miles away, and is one of the 3 closest schools

Support provided

Pupils who attend a school that has its own dedicated transport will be bought a pass by the council to travel on the dedicated transport. All other pupils will be supplied with funding which can be used to purchase tickets for Public Service Vehicles which service the school. Weekly passes are available on both Stagecoach and Arriva buses.

For some pupils attending 'special' schools or support bases within mainstream schools, the council will contract taxi operators or minibus suppliers to provide the home to school transport.

How to apply

If you think your child/ren may qualify for free travel, please contact the Integrated Transport Unit (ITU) to ask for an application form. When you've completed the form, please return it to the ITU for approval.

Your application will then be considered and if your child qualifies for support, the most appropriate form of assistance will be arranged.

Eligibility for free home to school travel is assessed annually, therefore application forms need to be submitted at the beginning of each academic year.


Transport Manager
Integrated Transport Unit
Phone: 01642 353447
Transport Manager
Middlesbrough Integrated Transport Unit
c/o Ayresome Industries
Letitia Industrial Estate

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm


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