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School admissions policies

The admissions scheme applies to all schools within Middlesbrough and gives details of the admissions procedures and timetables. The admissions arrangements and admission numbers give details of the oversubscription criteria and admission numbers for the community primary and secondary schools in Middlesbrough (own admission authority schools will have their own policies).

School Admission Arrangements for 2019/20

Changes to this year’s admissions scheme and arrangements include;

  • Date changes rolled forward one year.
  • For primary applications clarity is made that applications to defer entry to Reception for one year for all schools must be made by the primary application closing date.
  • Appeal hearing information added to the bottom of the schedule, as per the Admission Appeals Code, giving clarity/information on deadlines for appeal hearings.

School Admission Arrangements for 2018/19

There are no changes to the admissions scheme from the previous year with the exception of date changes.

School Admission Arrangements for 2017/18

There are no changes to the admissions scheme for 2017-18 with the exception of date changes. There are two agreed changes to primary school published admission numbers at Pallister Park Primary and Park End Primary.

Fair Access Protocol

The purpose of the Fair Access Protocol is to ensure that - outside the normal admissions round - unplaced children (those without a school place), especially the most vulnerable, are found and offered a suitable school place quickly.

Children without a school place that meet one of the categories defined in the protocol, may be referred to and considered under the protocol if a school place cannot be secured through normal in year transfer procedures.

View the current Fair Access Protocol for secondary schools.

You can also view additional documents:

Report to School Adjudicator 2018

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