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Social care contributions

If you receive a personal budget from the council for care services to help you stay independent, you may need to put some of your own money towards that budget. How much you pay will depend on your financial circumstances.

How it works

First, we'll assess your needs to see what services could help you, and agree a support plan with you. We'll then work out a personal budget to cover the cost of these services. This is the full amount of money which we think will cover the cost of the care you need.

We'll look at your financial circumstances to work out how much you may be asked to put towards the total cost. This depends entirely on your financial situation.

If you've chosen to set up your own care and need to contribute towards your personal budget, we'll give you the remainder of the cost to make up the full budget.

If you've opted for the council to set up and manage your care using your personal budget, and you need to contribute towards your personal budget, we will bill you regularly for your contribution.

If you'd like more information please call 01642 065070 or email adultaccessteam@middlesbrough.gov.uk.