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Burial charges

About burial fees

Everyone must pay a burial fee, unless it says that the fee won't be charged.

The burial fee includes all employee charges and administration costs.

Burial fees are listed for burials in purchased and unpurchased (public) graves for up to 2 burials.

Buying a grave is an extra cost on top of the burial fee. You can find out more on the Buying a grave (exclusive right of burial) page.

We also use the word 'interment' on this page, which is another word for burial.

Burial charges

Service Cost
Burial for foetal remains, a stillborn baby, or a baby up to one month old

We do not charge this fee if this is booked through a funeral director or directly with us
Burial for a child between one month and 18 years old No charge
Burial for a person over 18 years old £830
Burial for body parts £195
Scatter of cremated remains in a grave below the turf, up to 1 foot deep £95
Interment of cremated remains in an urn or casket at a 3 foot depth £200
Interment in a pre-purchased mausoleum chamber (fee includes bricking, rendering, and coffin tray) £830
Double interment: where the bodies of 2 members of one family are interred in a grave at the same time, the lesser burial fee will be halved

Burials outside normal hours

All charges are for burials taking place Monday to Friday. Contact us to find out about prices for burials on a Saturday or outside of normal hours.

Our normal hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 9:30am to 3pm (2:30pm in winter)
Friday: 9:30am to 2:30pm (2pm in winter)