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Burial charges (2024/2025)

Buying a grave (exclusive right of burial)

Burial fees are extra - see the 'burial charges' section.

Buying a grave is called buying the 'exclusive right of burial'. This means no one else will be buried in your grave unless you give permission. The right lasts for 100 years. After this, it can be renewed.

The fees listed below include a Deed of Grant, which is a legal document proving you have the exclusive right of burial. There is space in the grave for one more burial, or burial of ashes. If you've bought a grave, we call it a 'purchased' grave. You have the right to put up a memorial on a purchased grave.

If you don't buy a grave, the burial will take place in a 'public grave'. In a public grave, you don't have a say in who else is buried there. Anyone can be buried in a public grave, even if they're not related to the person buried there first. This can happen from 14 years after the first person was buried. No one has the right to put a memorial on a public grave.

Whether or not you buy a grave, you can decide what kind of grave you would like.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a grave in advance. This is to make sure that there's enough burial land available for immediate use, and so our staff have easy access to prepare new graves in our cemeteries.

Service Cost
Full size grave in lawn or traditional section £1,300
Half-size grave for a child No charge
Woodland grave or meadowland grave - single interment £1,290
Woodland grave or meadowland grave - double interment (side by side) £1,720
A concrete vault in the Muslim section of Thorntree Cemetery £1,560
Transfer of exclusive right of burial £60