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Memorials and remembrance

Scattering ashes in the Garden of Remembrance

Many families choose to scatter their loved one's ashes in our Garden of Remembrance, inter them in a grave, or scatter them at their loved one's favourite place (permission may be needed).

If you want to have ashes scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at Teesside Crematorium, you must arrange an appointment. Ashes can only be scattered in the garden by Bereavement Services staff, so that it's done correctly, and so we can keep accurate records. Please contact the Bereavement Services team to make an appointment.

As our garden is a place of remembrance for all, we ask that you do not place flowers or items of personalisation in the garden. There are public vases available to place flowers in, or you can purchase or lease a memorial vase.

If your loved one's cremation service took place at another crematorium, you can still scatter their ashes in our Garden of Remembrance. You'll need to arrange an appointment and also pay a fee.