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Child employment and child performance licensing

Child Performance Licence

Under the Children and Young Persons Act 1963 and the Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014, Middlesbrough Council is responsible for the licensing of all young people of compulsory school age and younger (even babies), who appear in performances either on the stage or television, take part in certain sporting activities, or who work as models. For the purposes of licensing, these are all covered by a child performance licence, even if they don't involve what would typically be thought of as performance.

When granting a licence, we must be satisfied that:

  • the child’s education will not suffer
  • the child’s health will not suffer
  • the place of performance/rehearsal is satisfactory

We can refuse a licence if we are not satisfied the above will be met.

Is a licence needed?


1. Will the child need to be absent from school*?
Yes - licence is required
No - go to question 2

2. Is the child (or anyone connected to the child) being paid to take part in the performance?
Yes - licence is required
No - go to question 3

3. Will the total number of days the child has spent performing (including this performance) in the previous six months total 5 days or more?
Yes - licence is required
No - licence is not required

*Maintained schools and special schools not maintained by the council

Body of Persons Approval

If the performance involves a group of children, the organisation responsible for the performance may prefer to apply to the council for a Body of Persons Approval (BOPA). This avoids the need to apply for individual licences for every child.

A BOPA may not be issued if the child (or anyone connected to the child) is being paid, or if the child needs to be absent from school in order to take part.

For more information please refer to the Body of Persons Approval information.

How to apply for a Child Performance Licence


The person responsible for the production in which the child is taking part must apply for a Child Performance Licence. The application must be made to the council for the area where the child lives. The application must use the Child Performance Licence application form.

The applicant should complete Part 1, then send the entire form to the child's parent to check and complete Part 2. If the child needs to be absent from school to take part in the performance, the school should be given a copy of the application so they are aware of the requirements for the child. The parent should then sign Part 2 and send the entire form back to the applicant, along with the child's birth certificate/passport, school approval, and a passport-sized photograph of the child (head and shoulders).

The applicant should check the entire form and supporting documents, then sign the form at the bottom of Part 2 before submitting the application to the council via email to

If approved, the licence is sent to the person whose name is on the front of the form (normally the producer). If the child is performing outside of Middlesbrough, a copy of the licence will also be sent to the council for the area where the performance is taking place.

Although current legislation for issuing Child Performance Licences requires 21 days' notice, we may grant a licence if the application is received at least ten working days prior to the performance, if all supporting documents are provided.

Supporting documents for the Child Performance Licence

In addition to the application form you need to send:

  • a photograph of the child taken in the last six months
  • a copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport
  • a letter from the child's school (if the child will miss any school)
  • a parental health declaration
  • a copy of the performance organisation's child protection/safeguarding policy

Child Performance Licence restrictions


Please see our Child Performance Licence restrictions page to see the full list of restrictions that are in place.

Child Performance Licence FAQs


A full list of frequently asked questions relating to Child Performance Licences is available on the Child Performance Licence FAQs page