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Your Pathway Plan

Your Pathway Plan will say what your plans for the future are, and what support you need to make them happen. It'll be written by your social worker, but you'll be really involved, because it's a very important part of your future.

The plan will look at lots of different things, including:

  • your health (both physical and emotional), and your identity (e.g. your religion, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • your plans for carrying on education, getting training, or finding and keeping a job
  • the contact you'll have with your parents, family, and friends
  • whether you can look after your money so you have enough to buy food and pay rent, but also pay bills
  • where you'll live, and whether you have the right skills to live independently and look after yourself

Your plan will be written by your 16th birthday. You'll have lots of time to talk to your social worker while it's being written, so you can both be sure that the plan says everything it needs to. Other people who know you well might help write it too, like someone from your school, or your doctor.

Your plan can change, it doesn't have to stay the same forever. It'll be reviewed (looked at) every 6 months, to see whether it's still right and whether you need more, less, or different support. Sometimes it'll be reviewed sooner than that, because something big has happened, like you've moved house.