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If you want to report graffiti, make sure you report it to the right place. We can only remove graffiti from buildings and structures we own. If you report any other graffiti to us, we will not be able to help.

You can find out more in the sections below, including how to make a report.

Reporting graffiti

Bus shelters


Contact Clear Channel about graffiti on bus shelters.

Phone (24-hour hotline): 0800 731 3699

Email: actoncallcentre@clearchannel.co.uk

Business premises


Contact the business owner about graffiti on business premises (like shops, offices, etc.).



Cabinets are large metal boxes which can be found on the street, which contain wiring for broadband services.

You'll need to contact the company which owns the cabinet if there's a problem.

BT: report a problem with a cabinet

Virgin Media: report a problem with a cabinet

There may also be cabinets belonging to other companies in Middlesbrough. The cabinet may have a sticker or something to show which company owns it.

Council-owned buildings and land


When we'll remove graffiti

We'll remove graffiti from council-owned buildings and land. This includes:

  • Community Hubs and libraries, leisure centres, museums, and entertainment venues
  • council offices
  • public buildings like the bus station and Middlesbrough House
  • public areas like parks
  • pavements, road surfaces, and road signs

When we will not remove graffiti

We will not remove graffiti from buildings or structures which do not belong to us. This includes:

  • people's houses
  • business premises
  • public buildings like schools, religious buildings, hospitals, and GP surgeries
  • structures on the road or pavement, like bus shelters, postboxes, and phone boxes

How long it will take

We will remove offensive or racist graffiti on council-owned land or buildings within 2 working days.

We'll remove all other graffiti on council-owned land or buildings within 5 to 10 working days.

How to report graffiti

Report graffiti on council buildings or land

If you're unable to use the online form, you can also report graffiti by calling 01642 726001 during office hours.

If you want to report racist or offensive graffiti out of hours, you can call the out of hours service on 01642 726050.

Electrical substations


Contact Northern Powergrid about graffiti on electrical substations.

Phone: 0800 668877

Northern Powergrid website

Gas substations


Contact Northern Gas Networks about graffiti on gas substations.

Phone: 0800 040 7766


Phone boxes and telegraph poles


Contact BT about graffiti on phone boxes and telegraph poles.

Phone: 0800 023 2023

BT website



Contact Royal Mail about graffiti on postboxes and grey boxes.

Phone: 03457 740 740


Royal Mail website

Public buildings


For graffiti on public buildings (like schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, and religious buildings), contact the business or organisation based in the building.

Thirteen housing


Thirteen is an independent housing association and is not part of the council. It has its own team which deals with graffiti.

Contact Thirteen about graffiti on Thirteen housing.

Phone: 0300 1111000

Graffiti removal service

We offer a graffiti removal service for owners, landlords, and occupiers of private and commercial property. There is a charge for this service. To find out more, call 01642 726001.