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Special Education Needs

Children missing education

All local authorities have a statutory responsibility to identify children who are missing from education (CME), and those pupils at risk of missing education. This applies to children of compulsory school age who aren't on a school roll, and who aren't receiving any other suitable form of education in place of being at school (for example, being educated at home, privately, or in alternative provision).

In Middlesbrough, the Access to Education Service is responsible for children who are missing from education. The team establishes and monitors a proactive system for seeking information regarding CME, recording the details, and tracking/monitoring the progress of such pupils as they are re-engaged in education.

The CME Officer monitors information made available to the council by parents, schools, and other agencies regarding children missing from education, e.g. excluded pupils, children whose families are seeking a school place, and pupils not on school roll for other reasons.

If you want to report a child missing from education, or at risk of being missing from education, please contact:

David Lister
CME Contact Officer
Phone: 01642 729286
Post: Civic Centre, PO Box 505, Middlesbrough, TS1 9FZ

Samantha Bowman
Access to Education Officer
Phone: 01642 201926
Post: Civic Centre, PO Box 505, Middlesbrough, TS1 9FZ

Guidance on children missing from education or at risk of missing education is available for schools, academies, and other agencies.