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Taxi driver's licence

Step by step guide

1. Read this page thoroughly

Before submitting your application you must read this page thoroughly. It'll tell you whether you're eligible to apply for a hackney carriage (HC) or private hire (PH) driver licence, and if there are any reasons why your application may be refused. If you've held your driving licence for less than a year, have any problems with your health, or have a criminal record, your application may be refused.

If you submit an application but you're not a suitable applicant, your application will be refused and you'll only be refunded part of your application fee.

Reading this page thoroughly before applying, especially the part about criminal offences, may save you time and money.

2. Arrange an appointment with your own doctor

The medical standards we expect of professional drivers are stricter than those required by the DVLA of a normal road user. If you have a medical condition or have suffered from a medical condition in the past, you should refer to the guidance in the ‘medical examination certificate' document in the ‘Medical examination' section.

The ‘medical examination certificate' document must be completed by your own doctor or another doctor who has access to your full medical records.

We require HC/PH drivers to meet the Group 2 medical standard as detailed in the guidance. You should read this guidance if you have any medical condition and are in doubt as to whether you meet the necessary standards. If you don't meet the Group 2 medical standard, your application will be refused.

3. Complete the Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers Awareness Training

Instructions on how to access this training can be found under 'Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers Awareness Training' below.

4. Use our online form to complete and pay for your application

You'll also have the opportunity to make an appointment with a Licensing officer to submit your application for a DBS certificate, your Right to Work in the UK documentation, and your completed medical examination certificate.

For more information about taxi licensing, contact the Licensing team on 01642 728011 or email licensing@middlesbrough.gov.uk.