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Taxi driver's licence

What happens next?

How do I submit my application?

  1. Register for a MyMiddlesbrough accountWithout a MyMiddlesbrough account, you won't be able to apply for a licence.
  2. Complete the application and make an appointment for an interview with a Licensing officer as directed.
  3. Attend your appointment with the Licensing officer and bring:
  • the documentation needed to apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service disclosure certificate (see 'Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check' above)
  • Certificate of Good Conduct (where appropriate)
  • evidence that you have the Right to Work in the UK (see 'Right to work in the UK' above)
  • your DVLA driving licence, or equivalent
  • the completed DVLA mandate form (see 'DVLA licence check' above)

If you don't bring the necessary documentation, you'll need to make another appointment, which will delay your application.

You should also bring the following documentation with you to your appointment, or upload it to your account:

  • driving assessment certificate
  • Safeguarding Awareness Training certificate

Once you've made your application, you'll be asked to make an appointment to take your driver knowledge test.

How long does the whole process take?


We try to deal with applications as quickly as possible, but because we rely on other organisations for information, there can sometimes be delays in the process. We can usually decide all applications within 6 weeks of receiving the application, except in exceptional circumstances.

Please note, an application won't be processed until we've received all the necessary documents from you. If your application needs to be referred to the council's Licensing Committee, the application process will take longer.

What happens if my application is successful?


Assuming that no issues have been raised during our checks, and you've passed all of the necessary tests, we'll issue you with a HC/PH driver licence and badge.

Once you've received your HC/PH driver badge, you're licensed to drive a hackney carriage which is licensed by Middlesbrough Council. Please note, if you want to drive a vehicle licensed by another local authority, you'll need to apply for a separate HC/PH driver licence from that authority.

Along with your badge, you'll also receive a paper licence, which you'll need to show to any vehicle proprietor who you work for.

If I fail in my application, do I get my money back?


The application fee is a single fee which covers the whole of the application. The fee is refundable, minus administrative charges, if you're unsuccessful in your application. However, this refund doesn't include the cost of obtaining a DBS check, medical certificate, and Driving Assessment test.

If I fail a test, can I try again?


Like the standard DVLA driving test, you can retake the driving assessment, however there's often a waiting list for the test, so the time taken to get your HC/PH badge may be greatly extended. There's also an additional cost for resitting the test.

The council's driver knowledge test can also be retaken if you're unsuccessful on your first attempt. If you don't pass the knowledge test within three attempts, you should expect to have your application refused. You'll then need to wait for at least six months before making another application. This should provide you with sufficient time to develop the knowledge needed to pass the knowledge test. You'll need to pay a fee each time you resit the test.

If you fail to attend a test, or attend late, you'll need to take a further test, which you'll have to pay a fee for.

Please note, if for any reason there's more than a 6 month delay in your application being granted, you'll need to apply for a new DBS check before we can grant you a licence. You'll also need a note from your doctor confirming that there has been no change in your health since your medical certificate was obtained. If the delay results in your medical certificate being over one year old, then you'll need a new full medical certificate.

For more information about taxi licensing, contact the Licensing team on 01642 728011 or email licensing@middlesbrough.gov.uk.