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Completed schemes

Stockton Street and Bridge Street West junction improvement


The proposed junction improvement is within the Middlehaven area which has seen, and continues to see, considerable redevelopment.

The works proposed as part of this scheme are an individual element of wider future transport improvement works assisting with the regeneration of the Middlehaven area. The aims of these works will be to improve accessibility through the Middlehaven area by all modes.

The successful delivery of the Dock Bridge/Priestman Road has provided a key east/west route to the North of the Middlehaven area which links the Newport interchange to the Middlehaven interchange.

Proposed scheme

The proposed signalised junction integrates a strategic north / south link with east / west traffic flows in Middlehaven. As part of the proposals a dedicated pedestrian and cycle crossing facility will also be provided, which will support modal shift and sustainable transport growth in the area.

The creation of strategic vehicular and non vehicular corridors enables further regeneration of the Middlehaven area.

The scheme proposals will provide a realigned carriageway and a signalised junction between Bridge Street West and Stockton Street, facilitating traffic onto strategic corridors. A signalised pedestrian cycle crossing facility (toucan) will also be provided as part of the works, creating a safer crossing facility for both pedestrians and cyclists, enabling further accessibility.

Scheme benefits

  • The works will provide new pedestrian / cycle facilities with associated signalised crossing facilities improving accessibility by non-car modes
  • The scheme will improve safety for highway users
  • Traffic flows can be controlled
  • Ensures compatibility with adjacent schemes including the Station Masterplan, providing and enhancing the pedestrian and cycle facilities between the rail station


These works have now been completed.