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Low Lane cycleway improvements

We're putting forward proposals to improve cycle facilities along Low Lane, linking to the footway/cycleway which was completed from Jack Simon Way in 2019/2020.

These proposals will provide a continuous cycling route, better connecting the cycling network, and helping us to achieve our aim of getting more people cycling, more often, in a safer way.

View the plan for Low Lane.

Proposals involve the removal of grass verge, creating a two-way cycle facility on the northern side of Low Lane. There will also be a new toucan crossing connecting the northern and southern side of Low Lane, because the northern side isn't wide enough for the two-way cycle facility to only be on that side. A toucan crossing is a crossing with signals, for both pedestrians and cyclists, which will give a safe way to cross between the cycleways on the northern side and southern side.

Putting this infrastructure in place will give us the opportunity to develop more cycleways in the future, further improving the available cycle network.

Any defects on the surface of the existing footpath will be fixed as part of the proposals.

There are no plans to remove any trees.

We plan to start the works in early 2021. The scheme will comply with all highway and equality requirements.

If you have any comments or questions about this proposal, please email us at transportconsultation@middlesbrough.gov.uk.