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Ridgeway connections (B1365 Stokesley Road to Woodlea)

As set out in the Middlesbrough Integrated Transport Strategy, we're committed to increasing the number of local journeys made on foot and on bicycle. Reducing the current dependence on cars for journeys will reduce congestion, improve air quality, and contribute towards social and economic regeneration. To do this, we're investing in new pedestrian and cycle infrastructure which will offer safe and convenient routes between residential areas and local facilities like shops and schools.

One of the residential areas included in this programme is Hemlington Grange which is poorly connected to the footpath and cycleway network, because of its location to the south of Stainton Way and the west of B1365 Stokesley Road.

We're planning to construct a new footpath/cycleway link from the existing traffic signal-controlled crossing facility at the junction of Stokesley Road and Hemlington Grange Way to the existing footpath/cycleway between Woodlea and Ridgeway. There will also be an additional light-controlled signal crossing on Stainton Way, to the west of the Stokesley Road roundabout.

The new link will connect Hemlington Grange to the existing pedestrian and cycle network serving Coulby Newham. This will allow safe foot and cycle journeys between the two communities, including to the Parkway Centre, Rainbow Centre, The King’s Academy, and Rose Wood Academy.

We ran a consultation on the plans between November 2020 and February 2021, and the Ridgeway connections consultation summary is now available to read.

For more information, please email transportconsultation@middlesbrough.gov.uk.