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Being adopted

If you can't live with your parents because they can't look after you, or because it's not safe for you to be at home, your social workers might arrange for you to stay with a foster family.

Some children who live with foster carers can go back to live with their family eventually, but some can't. If it would be harmful for you to go back home, we'll look for a family to adopt you.

Your social worker will talk to lots of different families until they find one they think you'll be happy with. If you like them too, you'll be able to go and live with them.

After a while, if you and your new family are happy together, they'll be able to adopt you. You'll need to go to court and ask a judge to make a legal decision which says you've been adopted.

It's okay to have lots of questions about adoption. There's lots of stuff in this section to help you understand more.