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How we find the right family for you

There are lots of families who want to adopt a child.

The family might have one parent or two. They might already have children, their children might be grown ups now, or they might not have any children.

Before a family can adopt a child, we spend a long time talking to them. We'll find out all about them, so we can tell you about them. Most importantly, we'll make sure they can look after a child, love them, and keep them safe.

No one is allowed to adopt a child without our permission.

When we look for a new family for you, we try and look for one where we think you'll fit in. It might be that they have some of the same hobbies as you, or you all have the same religion. But no matter who the family is, they'll always respect who you are, the things you like to do, and all the things that make you, you.

When we've found some families who we think might be able to adopt you, your social worker will go and meet them all. Because your social worker knows you well, they'll have a good idea of whether you'd fit into the family or not.

When we've found the family we think are right for you, you can ask your social worker all about them before you meet them.

We want to make sure that the adoption is going to make both you and the family happy, so it might take some time for us to find the perfect match. It'll be worth it though!