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Your life story book

Your life story book is a collection of memories and stories about you.

Your social worker will ask your foster carers and family for stories about you. Then they'll help you make them into a book. It might include photos and drawings too, so it's nice and colourful.

Your life story book will help you find out more about your past, especially the bits you're too young to remember. It'll tell you about the family you were born into, and any foster families you've lived with.

It'll also explain why you couldn't stay with your birth family and had to be adopted. Sometimes that bit can be upsetting, but your life story book isn't there to make you feel sad. It's there to tell your story, and it'll have good and bad bits like any story.

You'll take your life story book with you when you go to live with your new family and start the next part of your story.