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When you will move in

Moving in and being adopted are different things. You'll move in and live with your new family for a while before they adopt you.

No one will make you move in with your new family before you're ready. You'll have lots of time to get to know them, so it won't feel weird when you start living there.

When you move in, you can take all your clothes, toys, and things that are special to you. You'll also take the life story book that you've made with your social worker.

Your social worker will still come to see you once you've moved in. They'll make sure you're happy and everything is going okay with your new family.

After you've been living with your new family for a while, they'll be able to legally adopt you. For that to happen, you'll need to go with your new family to court and talk to a judge. A judge has to agree to the adoption so that it's legal. If the judge is happy that being adopted by your new family is the best thing for you, they'll agree to an 'adoption order'.

The adoption order means that you've legally been adopted by your new family. They'll become your parents and their last name will become your last name.